Workshop intensivo sobre VOCAÇÃO, PROFISSÃO E DINHEIRO

Hora de Inicio


23 noviembre, 2019

Hora de Finalización


29 noviembre, 2019


São Paulo - Brasil

Workshop intensivo sobre VOCAÇÃO, PROFISSÃO E DINHEIRO

Olá pessoal! Entre os dias 25 e 29 de novembro, o ilustre terapeuta familiar e de casais, coach de empresas e organizações, Joan Corbalán, estará pela segunda vez no Brasil com o Workshop intensivo sobre VOCAÇÃO, PROFISSÃO E DINHEIRO nas Constelações Familiares.

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Workshop Joan Corbalan Brasil 2019

Workshop intensivo sobre VOCAÇÃO, PROFISSÃO E DINHEIRO nas Constelações Familiares.


What is this Workshop?

This workshop is aimed at you who want to improve on one of the most crucial issues in human life. WORK, VOCATION, PROFESSION and the relationship with MONEY If you think vocation, profession and work are the same thing. The answer is no.

This experience will help you understand, from a systemic view, the difference between each of these themes and also the relationship you have with money. You can then activate your life by finding the root of your career choices by uniting the past with the present and directing your future through your systemic and autobiographical history. In order to awaken and order your look into the professional future, including those who wish to initiate a process of professional change and also those who need to stop (for reasons of self-reflection, gap year and even retirement) and those who wish to leverage. their professional careers.

You will get tools to convert your vocation into a profession.

But what about the money? Have you noticed what you and your family’s beliefs about money are? How much do you get and how much do you give? Do you play with money? Do you despise money? Or do you respect him?

Many times we are in an unconscious process of being afraid of not having enough.

You may also have met people who have a lot of money but cannot enjoy a life of abundance. In this training you will have the opportunity to awaken / see what kind of relationship you have with money and can then redirect and recalculate how you truly want to relate to it. Money is as important as love.


Through family, professional and vocational constellations, we will integrate all these crucial processes, speeding the change process. Systemic Experiential Coaching, Gestalt Therapy, NLP, Static Meditation and Dynamic Meditation. In-person and participatory methodology.

Main goal

Deepen and develop skills related to vocation, profession and money. Develop a behavior and plan for professional development and management with the theme of money.

Specific objectives

Understand at what time in your life you are professionally: If when you get up in the morning you feel without enough energy to go to work; The only thing that moves you is survival and you can’t make sense of the work you do. If you once enjoyed your work, but now you feel it no longer satisfies you; If you do not know which profession, college or education to choose for your life; If you wish to stop working and live a sabbatical period of reflection; If you are retired or intend to retire; If you are unemployed. Assess your unconscious relationship with money: If you want to find harmony between what nourishes your heart and what nourishes your pocket; If you feel that just as money comes in, it goes out quickly; If you want to take abundance in your life and want to abandon a model of scarcity; If you love what you do, but money is not enough in your life.

1. Develop a complete action plan that will allow you to get organized during the training and follow it in your life at the end of the course;

2. Learn personal work practices for those who wish to work in this area and help patients and clients in their professional development;

3. Be able to identify the relationship that your client is involved with regard to money and have tools to help you;

4. Identify your client’s professional crisis processes (middle aged or senior or even vocational choice).

Continuous Assessment During Training

CERTIFICATION: Students will receive certification from the Brasilia Star Institute. DIRECTED To anyone wishing to develop this vocation: helpers, coaches, advisors, therapists, psychologists, family constellators, educators, teachers, entrepreneurs, directors and coordinators of human resources, lawyers, doctors , mediators, etc … Trainer: Joan Corbalán is Spanish and teaches several courses in Spain and Latin America. It will be in Brazil for the first time. He is a Systemic Consultant, Gestalt Therapist, Family and Organizational Constellation, Coach, Mentor, Mediator. Expert in Family and Organizational Constellations. Expert in Personal Development, couple and families. Expert in Coaching and Vocational Mentoring, professional and affairs of abundance and scarcity. Expert in Organizations, companies, teams and senior business managers. Specialist in Gestalt Therapy, NLP, Enneagram, Mindfullness, Meditation and Sofrology. Author of the book MODERN FAMILIES: New family models and how to make a good present and future with them.


Hours: 30 hours

Dates: November 25th to 29th 2019 – 4pm to 10pm


Until November 19, value of R $ 2199.00

After November 20th, R $ 3000,00

Payment: Cash, bank transfer, debit or credit card.

Card installments at 3x without interest or 12x with interest.

Location: Brasília, DF

The next day:

Mindfulness Experience with Joan Corbalan

Information and Registration: 61 – 99985-8481

More information about Joan Corbalan can be found at his website:


If you feel this course is for you, then come with us on this journey. Vacancies are restricted.

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